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Why Turkey for Investment
  • IPS Group
  • 15-06-2020
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Why Turkey for Investment

Turkey is a Eurasian country, as a result, the country is a massive blend of cultural diversity, with a wide range of nationalities living in the area.

Turkey has a strategic location link between Europe and Asia. Turkish economy is ranked 13th among the world’s largest economies.

Turkey is continuously becoming ever more popular with foreign nationals. This is true for short touristic visits, as well as for long-term investments.

10 Reasons to Invest in Turkey

1- Lucrative Incentives            6- Favorable Demographics

2- Best Opportunities               7- Skilled workforce with cost advantage

3- Robust Economy                 8- Continuous reform process

4- Strategic Location                9- Domestic market + EU

5- Business friendly                 10- Benign R&D Ecosystem

Areas of Investment

1- Hotels & Resorts

2- Residential Apartments

3- Shopping Centers and Shops

4- Lands and Farms

5- Development Projects

6- Restaurants and cafes


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