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Foreign Trade

IPS GROUP has proven itself in production and foreign trade besıdes of service sector. In this context, we are proud of a serious production facility in the fields of Textile and Footwear production and proud of exportıng that products to many countries of the world.

Our experience in the field of foreign trade and within branding of Turkish products show that, the products have been exported to hundreds of countries in the world, especially in the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asian Countries. We offer the opportunity to provide foreign companies with the right product, at the right address, in the fastest way, and the best services in both formal procedures and product supply.

We carry the pride of branding, manufacture and export in the fields of textile and footwear in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

in the direction of Construction materials, Turkey is home to many natural stones from raw material to finished many products such as granite, marble and at the same time we provide the crude exports as overseas.

We market and introduce Medical and technology products of Turkey which has become a worldwide brand products to the world.

IPS Group strives and dedicates to meet up its valued customers demands and requests in a fastest way of all kinds of Import / Export.